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Acta Militaria Mediaevalia

Acta Militaria Mediaevalia
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Acta Militaria Mediaevalia is a scientific yearbook devoted to the military history of the Medieval period. It is specially destined for historians of military affairs, arms and armour experts, historians, archaeologists, historians of art and architecture as well as those keen on weaponry and collectors. The yearbook has appeared since 2005. At the beginning, thanks to cooperation of The Historical Museum in Sanok with Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, in 2010-2013 with The Institute of Archaeology of Rzeszów University and since 2013 with Folk Architecture museum in Sanok and 2014 with The Institute of Archaeology of Wrocław University. In the following volumes of the Acta Militaria Mediaevalia there are presented the freshest findings and analysis of the medieval weaponry originating not only from the whole Europe but also from Near East. The editorial committee cooperates with scientists from Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Ukraine, Great Britain or Italy. The articles are published in Polish, English or other Slavic languages with extensive summaries in Polish or English. Paper version is a primary version of Acta Militaria Mediaevalia.

Particular issues are available also in PDF format.

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