Мечі з власницькою символікою у колекції Львівського історичного музею

Денис Тоїчкін. Мечі з власницькою символікою у колекції Львівського історичного музею // Studia Edytorskie. – T. 3: Edytorstwo źródeł: różne drogi – wspólny cel / pod red. Adama Perłakowskiego. – Kraków: Historia Iagellonica, 2017.S. 143-168.

Swords with ownership symbols in the collection
of the Lviv Historical Museum

The author analyses the role of the sword as a weapon whose importance diminished over the course of the 16th century in favour of the more frequently used and much handier sabre. However, the sword continued to be regarded as a prestigious weapon, as attested by many iconographic sources and manuscripts. An especially interesting collection of swords from Ukraine is kept in the Lviv Historical Museum. They were brought there from the former Historical Museum of Lviv (est. 1892) and the King John III Sobieski National Museum (est. 1908). Swords from this collection have a great artistic value, and their blades are decorated with a wealth of symbols. They come from German territories, although it cannot be excluded that they were manufactured locally, in modern Lviv, imitating German models and style. The collection is a very interesting display, and an important element of the exhibition in the Lviv Historical Museum, which allows us to observe the intermingling of western and eastern European influences in the artistic dimension of military art.


Genre: Вивчення холодної зброї та спорядження (C), Особиста зброя (C), Регіони: Європа, Регіони: Україна
Subjects: Статті