Early European Hand-Firearms in Liverpool Museum


Michael G. Spencer & Fiona A. Philpott. Early European Hand-Firearms in Liverpool Museum. – Alan Sutton Pub. Ltd.; National Museums & Galleries on Merseyside, 1992. – 108 p.

М. Ґ. Спенсер, Ф. А. Філпотт. Рання європейська ручна вогнепальна зброя в музеї Ліверпуля.
Палітурка: тверда; мова: англійська;  9 кольорових й 93 чорно-білі світлини.

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This volume is the first fully illustrated complete catalogue of the 16 and 17 cc. hand-firearms in Liverpool Museum, one of the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside, as well as of a number of later pieces typologically closely related to those of the earlier centuries. Accessories, such as powder flasks, are also included. Many of the firearms catalogued are of exceptional technical interest, and information about them is published here for the first time. Each item is individually catalogued and a detailed discussion of the most important aspects of weapon, with appropriate references, follows the description. Superb photographs illustrating technical and other details, both in colour and black and white, are a particular feature of the book  (9 colour and 93 black and white).
Volume includes pieces which can be attributed to Adolf Bosch, Benjamin Reism Ÿller and Lazaro Lazarino Cominazzo. The catalogue includes a chapter on the history of the collection and an introduction to the history of firearms.

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