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ІV International Research Conference on the History of Arms and Armor (Kyiv, 2020)

Dear Colleagues!

Fourth International Research Conference on the History of Arms and Armor took place on November 3-4, 2020 in Kyiv (Ukraine).

The founders of Conference were: the National Museum of Military History of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine), the Institute of History of Ukraine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine), Guild Blacksmiths and Knifemakers of Ukraine, The Fund for Research of Ancient Civilization (NY, USA), the Center of Arms & Armor Studies (Kyiv, Ukraine), Nihonto - the Gallery of Japanese Swords (Kyiv, Ukraine).

The purposes of the Conference were: introduction into scientific circulation of new sources on the history of arms and armor, development of international scientific cooperation in the studies of military history, history of arts and martial arts, studies of historical arms and armor in museums and private collections in Ukraine and worldwide, discussion of the methods of study, preservation and restoration of historical weapons.

The languages of the Conference were: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

The Conference included five main topics:
I. «Life on the Edge». Plenary lectures on the identification of owners or manufacturers of historical weapons. Also the armament complexes of professional military communities, the problems of the history of martial arts, military anthropology and reconstructions will be studied.
II. «Classifications and Terminology». Plenary lectures and discussion on the problems of classifications of historical weapons, their definitions, terminology and interpretation.
III. «Oriental Arms and Armor». Plenary lectures on the problems of history of oriental (preferably Japanese) arms and armor.
IV. «Methods of Study of Arms and Armor». Plenary lectures and workshops on the actual methodologies of the study of historical weapons.
V. «History of Arms and Armor». Plenary lectures on the different issues of study of historical weapons (additional to every section).

Remote participation:

Every participant outside of Ukraine could join our Conference online. We used Zoom software to establish live communication (audio & video).
 Another form of participation - poster session.


Institute of History of Ukraine NASU — Dr. Denys Toichkin
 (cellphone +380503841786), denisvt68@gmail.com.

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