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Razmafzar is a non-political and non-religious organization consisting of an international team.  The dedicated members are from all around the world. The Razmafzar organization is a multiethnic, multicultural and multireligious group of people dedicated to the study of historical martial arts, weaponry and military history of Persia/Iran with its various traditions, mutual influences of different ethnic groups and historical events. The team and training members work on different research projects observing the highest academic standards.  Additionally, they practice different sections of historical martial arts of Iran both on theoretical and practical levels. The target of Razmafzar is to do research on historical weapons, military history and martial traditions of Persia/Iran and to present it to the general public.

Razmafzar: Historical Weapon Research of Persian culture, Military History of Iran, Historical Martial Arts and Tactics from Iran

Mission statement: To analyze and understand the mechanics of weapon development, their related techniques and military tactics and doctrines from the Bronze Age to the End of the Qajar period in Iran.

Disciplines: The academic disciplines include exprimental archaeology, metallurgy, art history, military history and a study of tactics and strategies.

Fields: Historical Weapon Technology; Classification and Identification of Historical Weapons; A Linguistic Analysis of all arms-and-armor-related terms and terminology; Warrior Codex and Techniques applied to use each type of weapons.

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