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Oakeshott, Ewart

Oakeshott, Ewart
Great Britain

Ewart Oakeshott (25 May,1916- Sept 30,2002)
Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries
Founder Member of the Arms and Armour Society
Founder of the Oakeshott Institute

Curriculum Vitae
1923-1928 – Dulwich College Preparatory School
1928-1932 – Dulwich College
1932-1936 – Central shool of Art (London)

Qualifications Gained:
1936 – Art Teachers Diploma
1964 – Elected to a Fellowship of the Society of Antiquaries

1936-1939 – Carlton Studios, London
1938-1960 – Joined A.E. Johnson (Artists’ Agent), Ltd as Trainee Director
1940-1945 – War Years – Naval service and consequent hospitalisation
1945-1960 – Director of A.E. Johnson Ltd
Free Lance Work (Part-Time):
One of eight founding members of the Arms and Armour Society (now a world-wide organisation with its own journal). Held several offices in the Society over time, including President of the Society in 1951, when the Society mounted
its Exhibition in The Cutlers Hall, London.
Examining viking swords in the British Museum, discovered inlaid inscriptions on the blades of two swords.
Subsequently publishing the find in ‘The Antiquaries’ Journal, 1951.
Examined and cleaned the sword of Henry V in Westminster Abbey. Published findings in an important
article “A Royal Sword in Westminster Abbey” inThe Connoisseur magazine.
Won the Reginald Taylor Prize offered for the best essay by the British Archaeological Association.
Began a lifetime of lecturing on arms and armour and other aspects of history to learned societies both
in England and America also in schools and colleges, as well as assessing and examining medieval swords in museums.

Free Lance Work (Full-Time):
Wound up buisness voluntarily, to devout full time to free lance witer/artist/illustrator, and increase time for research.
After publication of books listed below, and several articles in journals of note e.g.Conoisseur and
Antiquaries Journal was elected to a Fellowship of the Society of Antiquaries
1964-to present
Have worked consistently on educational courses as second in command to Sybil Marshall, including
month-long and intensive courses in Halifax, Nova Scotia (1967), Ontario (1967), Philadelphia
(1971/2/3), Savannah, Georgia (1973) and all over the British Isles.
Taught in the arts/Science programme of the University of Sussex.
Wrote six very popular books for schools and theatre- all on medieval arms and weapons (see publications below)
1984- to present
Eighteen articles for the Park Lane Arms Fair -a yearly catalogue in most prestigious publication produced
by ApolloMagazine, to be found in most museum and university libraries.
Catalogued the important collections of arms and armour in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge (part of
the University of Cambridge)
1991-to present
Consultant. During all these years have been sought out to give my opinion on many very important swords
in museums and private collections as wellas being consultant to several organisations concerened with
the making of replica weapons and armour.

Have illustrated for Alfred Duggen, Leonard Cottrell, Sybil Marshall, Dr Hilda Ellis Davidson, Tom Scott
and others.
1972-to present
Have had considerable successs as a painter of marine pictures and other subjects.


The Antiquaries Journal, 1951, Articles on Viking Swords

Journal of the Arms and Armour Society of London(A Society which I had founded in 1948),
pub. 1951-1953, Several Articles on swords.

The Connoisseur Magazine, 1951, A Royal Sword in Westminster Abbey

The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England (with Dr. Hilda Ellis Davidson), illustrated by
E. Oakeshott, pub. O.U.P., 1957.

The Archaeology of Weapons, 1960, re-published 1995, pub.
Lutterworth Press, a large work involving much original research, covering period from the Bronze Age
to the Renaissance. Illustrated by the author.

Pub. 1962-1972 Lutterworth Press, illustrated by author.
A Knight and His Armour,
A Knight and His Weapons,
A Knight and HisHorse, re-published in 1990
A Knight and HisCastle,
A Knight in Battle,
A Dark Age Warrior, re-published in 1990

Fighting Men (with Henry Treece), illustrated by E. Oakeshott, pub. Brockhampton 1964

The Sword in the Age of Chivalry– a definitive and scholarly typological study
of the medieval sword which has become a standard work, pub. Lutterworth Press, 1964 and republished in 1981 and 1995.

The Blindfold Game – a detailed account of the Battle of Jutland, illustrated by the author, pub. Pergamon Press, 1966.

Sound of Battle (with Leonard Clark) – an anthology of military verse, illustrated by E. Oakeshott, pub. Pergamon Press, 1969.

European Weapons and Armour – this is in effect the second part of the history begun in The Archaeology of Weapons,
and covers the period from the Renaissance to the Industrial Revolution. It is some 120,000 words long, with 700
line drawings (by the author) and more than 100 photographs), pub. Lutterworth Press, 1980.

Eighteen articles (one per year) for the Park Lane Arms Fair, pub, 1984 to present.

Records of the Medieval Sword in combination with The Sword in the Age of Chivalrycreates the most
important work on the typology of the medieval sword, pub. Boydell & Brewer, 1991.

Sword in Hand Republication of a series of twelve articles on the medieval sword ( for Gun Report Magazine)
in a book from pub. Arms & Armor Inc., 2001.

Swords in the Viking Age, published 2003.

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