Late Medieval War Hammers from Vatevi Collection (Bulgaria)

Popov, S. (2020). Late Medieval War Hammers from Vatevi Collection (Bulgaria). In Pinter, Z. K., Urduzia, C., & Niţoi, A. (Eds.), Relaţii Interetnice în Transilvania: militaria mediaevalia în Europa centrală şi de sud-est: lucrări prezentate în conferinţele internaţionale Interethnic Relations in Transylvania Sibiu, 2018-2019 (pp. 71-82). Sibiu, Romania: Astra Museum.

The work is devoted to an interesting kind of impact weapon – the war hammer. In Europe (especially Central and to a lesser degree Western regions) this type of weapon became most widespread during the 15th – 17th c. However, in Central and Eastern Europe they were in use during the whole span of the 17th c., and in Poland and Hungary – till the mid-18th c. In this report, 7 specimens of war hammers unpublished so far are presented. They come from the Vatevi weapon collection, based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The artefacts represent 5 of the types (II, III, IV, VIII, XI) of Paszkiewicz/Popov classification. These war hammers are accidental finds without data of context. They are found generally in the area of North-Eastern Bulgaria.
Keywords: blunt weapons, Late Mediaeval, war hammers.

Genre: Вивчення холодної зброї та спорядження (C), Регіони: Європа
Series: Interethnic Relations in Transylvania 2020 | Subjects: Статті

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