Iron scabbard-plates decorated in openwork technique

Bochnak, T., Czarnecka, K. (2004-2005). Iron scabbard-plates decorated in openwork technique (opus interrasile) in Central Europe. Celtic import or locally made copy? ANODOS. Studies of the Ancient World, 4-5, 25-34.

Celtic swords’ scabbards decorated with mainly bronze plates made in open work (opus interrasile) technique fixed to the upper part of a scabbard appeared at the time around the birth of Christ on a vast area from the west of Rhine through middle Europe to Bulgaria and Slovenia. The considerable part of these sheaths was discovered on the non-Celtic territories of the central and northern Europe, where they are treated as Celtic imports. Some, but not numerous, of openwork plates similar to undoubtedly Celtic objects found in area of the Przeworsk culture are made of iron – material typical for the Przeworsk culture – and considered to be a locally made imitation of Celtic products. Fragments of iron sheets with cut out ornament were discovered at the end of 19th century by J. G. Bulliot in the remains of workshop site in Bibracte (Mont Beuvray). We suggest that described openwork sheets from Bibracte could serve as scabbard-mouth decoration and they prove the possibility of Celtic origin of iron open work decorations.

Keywords: Celtic weaponry, Przeworsk culture, imports, scabbard, open work decoration



Genre: Археологічні зброєзнавчі дослідження (C), Вивчення холодної зброї та спорядження (C), Міждисциплінарна проблематика у зброєзнавстві (гуманітарна) (C)
Series: ANODOS-2004-2005 | Subjects: Статті