Early Medieval Axes from the Territory of Poland

Kotowicz, P. N. (2018). Early Medieval Axes from the Territory of Poland. Kraków: Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences.
Кількість сторінок: 268182 on CD. Мова: англійська. Палітурка: м’яка. Завантаження: Презентація

An outstanding catalogue of archaeological axes found in the borders of today’s Poland. The timeframe of his study encompasses the Early Middle Ages, and can be closed between 5th and 13th century.

The book contains hundreds of examples of axes, classified into 13 types and dozens of variants, each described and illustrated.

On top of that, the book contais a CD-ROM including PDF files with:

  • 183-pages long catalogue-table (with 891 examples of axes with data concerning place of find, dimensions, dating, storage location and bibliography)
  • 182 pages of illustrations of axes
  • additional 4 tables with data

By no means the book is impressive and meticulous, admirable publication trying to organize the current knowledge and typology of axes in Middle Europe.

Genre: Археологічні зброєзнавчі дослідження (C), Вивчення холодної зброї та спорядження (C)
Subjects: Книги