Chinese Arms and Armour

Bennett, N. (2019). Chinese Arms and Armour. Leeds: Royal Armouries.
Кількість сторінок: 96.
Мова: English.
Палітурка: м’яка.

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Of all the books published by the Royal Armouries, the Arms and Armour series is the most enduringly popular. Written at an accessible introductory level, and packed with images of weapons and armor from the museum’s extensive collections, these books are designed to fascinate fans of military history and art and design alike.
Chinese Arms and Armour covers thousands of years of Chinese history, chronicling the development of personal weapons and armor from the late Bronze Age to the early twentieth century. In its pages we see technological and artistic breakthroughs alike as we trace the evolution of these objects through millennia. No fan of Chinese history will want to be without it.

Natasha Bennett is curator of Oriental collections at the Royal Armouries Museum and coauthor of Indian Arms and Armour.

Genre: Вивчення захисного спорядження, Вивчення холодної зброї та спорядження, Каталоги колекцій та виставок
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